June: Sawdust is Man Glitter

In case you hadn't noticed, June is all about wood (morning and otherwise). Since Father's Day is in June we put together a series of workshops that benefit dear old dad at all your favorite spots. Spruce up his man cave with our Get Hammered workshop where participants will build a wall mounted bottle opener or our Nailed It workshop, where we will be building a beer caddy for daddy (I couldn't not say it. I promise I tried.).

In my brief, yet exhilarating, experience with woodworking, I decided that dad shouldn't get all the benefits. Sure he's a good guy and all, but we decided to give the ladies something to pine for also. So we decided to add a color blocked cutting board workshop as well! Plus I saw some at Target for a million dollars and figured we could one-up that concept. I've been dying to try my hand at woodburning and I think this is the perfect opportunity/excuse to try it out.  Stay tuned for the details on this workshop to come.

Rounding out June, we will also be doing another round of string art. Come alone for a little stress relief or bring your better half to kindle some romance. This time the theme is summer camp adventures, which is a hint for next month's craft lineup.

Lastly, if you are completely over all these wood puns, just say screw it and join us for a patriotic wreath workshop to get your door Independence Day ready.

Our calendar is full for June but if you have a great idea for a craft class, leave us a comment and we will try our best to work it in!

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