Father's Day Gift Guide

Fathers Day Gift Guide

Ah, Father’s Day. For some reason it feels more low-pressure than Mother’s Day, doesn’t it? Good ol’ Dad - he won’t mind if we don’t make him breakfast in bed or clip his toenails for him on his “special day”! Or will he? Maybe Dad has been secretly pining for the sweet relief of a full set of hand-filed toenails for the past six months, and you just crushed his hopes and dreams. WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT? He’s been there for you! Luckily, I have a list of items help you absolve your toenail negligence and make Dad forget all about his aching tootsies. (Also good for those who feel like they were neglected on Mother’s Day by their ball-dropping husbands and need some “kill them with kindness” retaliation.)

Gonzalez Handmade Crosby Wallet

  1.  I’m willing to bet your dad’s wallet is old and on the verge of collapse. For some reason, men’s wallets tend to look like they’ve been through a war, or at the very least pulled through a hedge. Time for an upgrade! There are an abundance of cool, locally handmade wallet vendors out there and I absolutely recommend you give one of them your business for a cool twist on this traditional gift. Our favorite from the San Antonio area is Gonzalez Handmade. I love their stuff so much that I found 3 things I want for myself in the time it took me to grab this link.
  2. Full disclosure: I have absolutely no idea why anyone would need a $300 ice chest. But a lot of expensive dude stuff is a total mystery to me, like tool chests and NASCAR-inspired apparel. Luckily for Dad, it doesn’t matter whether you “get it” or not, so long as you get it, because apparently the Yeti cooler is some sort of ultimate manly status symbol. You can take it floating down the river! It’s bear-proof! It keeps things cold for days! Apparently “rugged” is a big buzzword in the cooler community, so we’ve all learned something here today. If this is the kind of thing the dad in your life is down with, you can’t go wrong here. It even comes in “ice blue”, which is a no-brainer if your dad has any sense of what’s right in the world.
  3. Does your dad like to keep it classy in lieu of tubing down the river with a cooler in tow? Does he like a nice, clean shave and a place to proudly display his Dollar Shave Club razor? Consider this handmade copper razor and brush stand. Bonus points for it classing up the bathroom counter and cancelling out the mysterious stains on the mirror!  
  4. Your dad wants to be fit. Even if he’s already in pretty good shape, he wants to be in better shape. It doesn’t matter if he’s a professional chip wrestler or if he’s vying with Chris Traeger to be the first person to live to 150, he wants to look and feel better than he does now. Enter the fitness tracker craze. There are a lot of options out there, but I recommend the FitBit Blaze because it looks nicer than most and it promotes healthy competition between friends. And if there’s one thing Dad wants even more than rippling biceps, it’s to beat his friends as stuff.
  5. Your dad might not have two tickets to the gun show resting beneath his T-shirt sleeves anymore, but he would probably love two tickets to an event in his wheelhouse. A college football game, a baseball game, a concert, a play, or an actual gun show are all viable options, depending on the dad in question. Please note I said TWO tickets, as in, for just your mom and him, his best friend and him, or with you if you think you’re worthy of being his plus one. But let him enjoy it by not bringing everyone along. He doesn’t want to have to apply sunscreen to the whole family at an event that’s supposed to be all about him.Dopp Kit
  6.  My dad is a travelling man. He’s on the road constantly, racking up those frequent flyer miles and Hilton points like he’s stockpiling them for the apocalypse. As such he needs a good, quality bag to hold all of his toiletries while he’s jet-setting. Enter this handmade leather Dopp Kit that can monogrammed to add an extra touch of class. The Art of Manliness recommends that every man needs a Dopp kit, especially gentlemen of the road, and who am I to argue with them?
  7.  Everyone likes free samples. At first glance this option may seem uninspired, but you can’t deny the allure of those cute, teeny little bottles for a second. I’ve given both my husband and my son this Sephora cologne sampler and it was a huge hit with both of them. They proudly ask to be sniffed each time they try a new one, and it’s refreshing for me to be asked to sniff something of theirs that actually smells good. The value is there with this one too, because it includes a voucher for a free full-sized bottle of whichever scent they deem worthy and it’s a great addition to the leather Dopp Kit you just read about.Man Crates Zombie Survival Kit
  8.  So at this point you might be thinking that there’s no way that you can pull one of these gifts off. What if he doesn’t like it? What if I get him one of these presents and it’s the equivalent of that time Dad forgot about Mother’s Day so he bought Mom something online the morning of, printed a picture of it and then stuffed it into a plain white envelope with “Coming Soon!” scrawled in red Sharpie and presented it to her with both triumph and shame in his eyes? Enter ManCrates. These bad boys are already made, ship fast, and have assorted options so you can find one that speaks to your dad’s essence. Yes, they are a little generic, but there are some fun options that Dad will like much better than any “Coming Soon!” envelope shenanigans. If you’re really ambitious, consider creating your own Dad Survival kit crate filled to the brim with local manly goods such as spices from Bohlner's Meat Company, some facial hair care from http://sirbeardsalot.com/, or a meat bouquet from Nate's Jerky.Sir Beards A Lot kit
  9.  Much like your mom, your dad is tired. He’s over it. And he wants to rest on a hammock in the peace and quiet, maybe with a beer fresh out of his Yeti cooler. Let him. My husband can’t endorse the gift of guilt-free rest enough, nor can any other dad I know. Alternatively, you can buy him a slingshot and let him de-stress that way. If you want to score a real touchdown, let him shoot the slingshot while relaxing in the hammock. And make lots of jokes about how he’ll shoot his eye out. Dads love that.
  10.  Hey, remember how I mentioned beer and events and handmade stuff up there? Well guess what? Crafthouse has the perfect combination of all of these things at our Nailed It Beer Caddy Workshop this weekend. Bring Dad, build stuff together, and fill the finished product with a complimentary six pack of local craft beer from Pedernales Brewing. You know how many vital gift points that hits? Answer: Like all of them, so get going!


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