Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is coming up and quickly. Like I probably should have written this post a week ago. But I haven’t bought my Mother’s Day gifts yet so I suppose it’s possible this will still be useful to someone. Now, I know that what you probably really want to get your mother is, say, an interview with the producers of Hoarders or maybe a hashtag intervention, but those are more birthday appropriate gifts in my opinion.

Below is a list of things that I would like to get or think my mom would like to get for Mother’s Day. I’ll warn you in advance that some of them are a little basic bitch, but I’m not going to pretend I don’t like pretty things.

Kendra Scott birthstone jewelry

I adore all things Kendra Scott. Not just her jewelry, but how she turned $500 into a jewelry line that has become a household name (at least in my house) and how she’s a marketing genius. Aside from my girl crush on Kendra Scott, I am adding these birthstone charms to my list. They are so delicate and sophisticated and, at $20 each, they are pretty affordable assuming your mom isn’t a Duggar.

Kate Spade sunglasses

If you are anything like me, your sunnies primarily come from Target. And while Target sunglasses are great if you have a case of the cheapies, they don’t exactly scream sophistication. If you have the means, spring for some fancy Audrey-style sunglasses for dear old mom.

Coach wristlet

Maybe you don’t have a million dollars to buy a fancy purse but still want to get mom something nice. Enter the wristlet. Wristlets are great for just running into the drugstore or going to little Johnny's soccer game. Right now Coach has some really bright and fun colors if you’re into that sort of thing and they start at $65.

Mamma Mia tickets

It doesn’t have to be this exact show, this is just what’s touring in my area. If Mamma Mia is going to be in your area though, I highly recommend buying tickets for you and mom to see it together. Because who doesn’t love Abba, secretly or otherwise. The point is, think about buying tickets to something you and mom can do together.

Popsugar subscription box

Subscription boxes are all the rage right now. Unfortunately a lot of them are just boxes of crap, but you don’t dare cancel because what if the next box has the golden ticket?!  I’ve tried my share of boxes and can tell you that the Popsugar Must Have Box is one of the boxes I have found that disappoints the least. Each month you get a variety of gifts, which could include gift cards, makeup, scarves, umbrellas, candles, etc. The subscription is $39.95 a month, but you can buy one month, three months or a year’s worth of boxes upfront.

Sperry flats

If your mom is like my mom, she is past her heel wearing days. Rather than let mom go around in a pair of Crocs or whichever shoes moms wear without the appropriate daughter intervention, get her a pair of stylish, yet comfortable flats she can wear to all those 3 year old birthday parties on her schedule.

LUSH gift set

LUSH is my latest obsession. If you are not familiar with LUSH, they are all about fresh, handmade bath products using only natural ingredients.  I love to go into the store and just sniff everything and leave. The workers adore me.  I would never buy their products for myself because I just can’t even for bath products, but I would happily fork over cash for gifts for others. I know, I’m so selfless.  What’s great about Lush is they know their prices are bonkers so they take the liberty of curating gift sets starting at $15.

Godiva gift box

Because chocolate. bouquet is a fairly new player in the flower game. They specialize in eco-friendly farm fresh flowers delivered straight to you. If you absolutely must go the traditional flower route, these guys are the way to go. Bouquets start at $50 but the website boasts no hidden delivery fees or surcharges are added to your total, unlike big box flower delivery services.

Heidi Swapp Foil Applicator

Let’s be real. My mom won’t use this, but maybe the hubs will magically stumble across this listing and be a hero this Mother’s Day. I have been leering at this guy at the craft store for a few weeks now. This beaut is basically like a foil printer that allows you to add shiny accents to all your papercrafts and even create wall art. I can just imagine gold everything…


If you think of any other must have's feel free to post them in the comments. Happy shopping!

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