DIY Pineapple Tote Bag

Pineapples are everywhere right now. Probably because they are the perfect mascot for summer. I’ve been sitting on this blank tote bag for forever trying to figure out what to put on it and decided I neeeed a sassy new pineapple tote.  It was super simple to make and I finished the whole thing during one of Baby O’s rare and sporadic naps.


Materials needed:


Exacto knife

All-purpose acrylic paint

Sponge brush

Blank tote bag

Step one: Print out the pineapple and sunglasses pdf and cut out with an exacto knife. Or if you are Silhouette savvy, trace and cut out the image.


Step two: Carefully fill in the negative space with a sponge brush. I added a teensy bit of water to make the paint easier to apply. It doesn’t have to be perfect. If you make a mistake just turn it into a happy little bird like Bob Ross.


Now this is a perfectly fine tote bag. Especially if you painted that bad boy gold. But if you are ready to step it up, continue.


Step three: Wait for the pineapple to dry! This is super important because I hate waiting and didn’t and then it was smear city.

Step four: Paint the sunglasses to give your pineapple extra moxie. Again, wait for the sunglasses frame to dry before painting the lenses. Trust.

Step five: Throw your bathing suit and a towel in your fancy new bag and hit the pool! You are official totes adorable.


And because I'm nice, here is the Pineapple Template I used to create this cutie.

Happy crafting!

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