Meet Your Maker: Macey & Co.

When trying to figure out what goodies I wanted to showcase at the Get Bent Craft Event, I knew I needed to add some workout headbands in the mix. I mean, who doesn't need all the headbands? I started searching (i.e., stalking) headband makers on Instagram and Etsy, and when I came across Macey & Co., I knew Brady was my girl. Brady sews all her headbands by hand in a variety of colors and materials and I was beyond sold when her headbands arrived and they even fit my odd-shaped egg of a head, a challenge never before won.
"Let's talk about sweat, baby..."

Brady began her Etsy empire by making headbands as hobby for her baby girl. Once her friends saw her daughter rocking her new digs, they started asking her to make them for their little ones and, thus a star was born. Brady is currently on maternity leave from her "day job" taking care of her 8 month old daughter, Macey.

What inspires you?

My beautiful daughter, Macey. She inspires me to keep creating and coming up with marketing ideas and product so I can turn Macey & Co. into a full time business once my maternity leave is up.

Brady and her daughter Macey

What advice do you have for other makers?

Be organized and have good time management. One day orders may flood in and you need to stay organized and have time designated to complete them. It can feel overwhelming sometimes, especially when you are also taking care of an 8 month old!

What has been your most satisfying business moment so far?

How far I've come! I never thought I would ever be shipping my items all over North America and even to the UK when I started Macey & Co. in February of this year.

Who is your crafting/making idol?

I would have to say the owner of Freshly Picked Moccs. She has built an empire!

You can find Macey & Co. and all her hand crafted items at and Instagram.

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