Mothers' Day Gift Guide

Mothers' Day Gift Guide

Mothers' Day is haunting you, I just know it. Maybe you need to find something that’ll knock your mom’s compression socks off, or maybe your husband and kids are nagging you for gift ideas you’d love that don’t include macaroni and glitter. Either way, Crafthouse has you covered with a list of (mostly) handmade items that have a sprinkle of love that will warm Mom’s overburdened heart. 

BONUS: There are different wine smells available. My personal favorite wine is Pinot Noir, both because it’s freaking delicious and because it reminds me of Titus Andromedon, who always makes my life just a little bit better. Available via Amazon Handmade.

  • If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you live in Texas, your mom does too, and y’all are super proud of it (because Friday Night Lights taught me all about Texas Forever). Now she can show off her cobbler and her state pride simultaneously in a cast iron skillet that Tami Taylor would endorse. (If Mom isn’t into Texas, first off why the heck not? And second, they have other states and even the whole country you can choose to cook in.) Available on Amazon.
  • I know I started out by saying I’m not your mom, but if you happen to be my child and are reading, buy me this to show that you really love me. Also, do the dishes before I get home, please. I love this simple necklace- I could wear it everywhere and feel hip and dainty and classy. And people would be like, “I love your necklace! Where did you get it?” and I would know they would actually meant it and weren’t pulling a Regina George on me. What mom doesn’t want that? Available on Etsy.
  • How about giving the lady who not only gave you life and let you keep it for all of these years the gift of relaxation? (Or even better, asking for it from your own minions!) I present to you a three-pronged “we care about your mental health” gifting approach. First, make her some bath bombs. Here’s a tried and true tutorial.

(And if that goes poorly, or you ain’t got time for that, order them from someone who actually knows what they’re doing.

Second, add some nice, soothing lip balm. Since we both know you didn’t actually make the bath bombs yourself, I’m not going to bother giving you a lip balm tutorial. Go ahead and order some handmade lip balm from an expert while you’re picking out your bath bombs. There are a lot of options out there so find one that you won’t mind on your cheeks when your mom covers you in thank you kisses.

Third, and this is the most important part, leave the poor woman alone in the sanctity of her home for an afternoon! Let her take a bath, read a book, maybe even get crazy and use the bathroom in silence. Trust me, everyone wins when she gets a chance to recharge. 

  • Moms have to keep track of stuff. Her stuff, your stuff, mundane stuff, milestone stuff. Lots of stuff. The least you can do is let her do it stylishly with a handmade leather notebook cover in a portable size. I have one of these and I LOVE it. Head over to Foxy Fix and pick the leather your mom would like best and your other style options. Once you choose the cover you’ll need some notebooks to go with, so make sure that you order corresponding notebooks slightly smaller than the cover you order. Amazon has lots of sizes kicking around. Even better, if you order the notebook in the Classic No. 7 size, you can sweeten the pot by ordering some custom May Design notebooks in your mom’s unique style, personalized and with the inner pages that suit the needs of her specific “stuff” tracking. 
  • Alright, I was trying to avoid this, but let’s get real. Some moms are particular. Some of us procrastinate. Sometimes we panic and are crippled with indecision as to whether the wine candle or the twig necklace would springboard us over our siblings as her number one kid (buy both, duh). So yes, sometimes it’s okay to get your mom a gift card, but let’s be clear. ONLY get a gift card if you truly can’t find a suitable gift or if it won’t be on time and ONLY to a place you KNOW she likes. Not for a pedicure from a place she’s never been. Not for the Cheesecake Factory if it isn’t absolutely her favorite restaurant (trust me, some people truly loathe that place). Not for Sephora if she doesn’t wear makeup or care about upscale skincare. And not for something where she’ll end up buying stuff for her kids with it, because that’s super lame and even though she’ll buy diapers with it for the greater good, she’ll die inside just a tad. To sum up: make an inspired choice to save this potentially uninspiring gift.
  • Want to do something not just for your mom but with her? A shared experience where you can have fun, be creative, and end up with an awesome handmade item? By far the easiest gift to give if you’re in the San Antonio area is tickets to a Crafthouse event. There are all sorts of different craft workshops offered, several times a month. Find one that speaks to you and go for it!  Sign up your mom and yourself, show up, and everything else is taken care of! Yes, this is shameless self-promotion, but you know what? It’s also accurate. 

So there you have it. I hope this quick roundup of (mostly) handmade gifts for your mom or yourself has inspired you to greatness. Anything blatant that I missed? Let me know! 

~ Christine

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