Crafting A Royal Wedding Party

I tried so hard. I was determined not to care about the Royal Wedding. Why should I care about Harry and Meghan? They definitely don’t care about me! But I can’t help it. I can’t resist dying to know what Meghan’s dress will look like and seeing cute little Harry all grown up in a tux and catching a glimpse of Charlotte’s and George’s adorableness. It’s going to be so…royal.

I know, I know. I’m so disappointed in myself. But if I am going to get swept up in all this nonsense, I figured the least I could do is plan an ironic (but not really ironic because you all know my true deep down feelings) Royal Wedding viewing party.


Celebrate with Cranberry-Pomegranate Mimosas

First things first. This shindig is early in the morning for us in the States, but luckily tea is super British. Make yours extra strong and enjoy some scones while acting like you are fancy lady with your pinky in the air.  Once you have woken up your belly, partake in some champagne (pomegranate juice optional) and fish and chips or cucumber sandwiches. This BuzzFeed article has some great ideas to get your culinary juices flowing.



DIY Headband Fascinators for Royal Wedding Party

Just because I’ll be in my PJs doesn’t mean I can’t play a little dress up. Set up a fascinator bar, complete with glue guns, head bands, feathers, faux flowers, felt, tulle, really anything you have in your stash and let your friends go to town. See this sweet little tutorial from Jewel Box Ballerina if you don’t know how to use a glue gun or just need some inspiration. 


Royal Wedding Bingo Cards

Now that you have your drink in hand and are looking snazzy, it’s time for the big show! Keep your guests glued to the television by handing out some fun Bingo cards. Use these cards from or create your own, such as “Meghan’s uninvited relatives show up” or “Kate’s pregnant again.”


Have fun! I am off to perfect my British accent.

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