DIY No-Sew Pencil Pouch

DIY No Sew Pencil Pouch


Did you hear that? I can't be certain but I'm fairly sure it was the collective sigh of relief from moms everywhere celebrating back-to-school everything. Who can blame them though?? I love my sweet little angel faces more than life itself, but nothing wears on a mom more than being an entertainment factory 24/7, the kids' constant need to feed, and the inevitable screen-time guilt when you just can't even anymore. Girl, I feel your pain.

If you didn't get around to making that sensory dough or water blob though, you can still squeeze in some bonding time with your little love muffins with this fun, quick and easy back to school craft. Even better, you can fully customize this craft to create a one-of-a-kind clutch, mini wallet for junior's lunch money, or even a tooth fairy pouch (if you're into that sort of thing).

— fabric
— felt or other liner fabric
— VELCRO sticky back for fabrics

— fabric glue
— pencil
— scissors
— ruler

1. Measure and cut a 15 x 12-inch piece of fabric.
2. Measure and cut a 13 x 10-inch piece of liner.
3. Lay the two pieces on top of each other with the wrong sides together and your liner in the middle of the fabric.
4. Glue your liner fabric down onto the larger piece by adding a line of glue at the top and bottom of the liner and pressing down.

Glue wrong sides together
5. Next, add a line of fabric glue on the sides edges of the outside fabric, fold over the flaps of fabric and press down.

Glue along the outside edges and fold the flaps down.
6. Add a small strip of fabric glue on the top and bottom of the piece and fold it over the liner and press.

Glue the top and bottom edges and fold onto liner.
7. Fold  up one end of the fabric about 1/3 of the way, leaving a couple inches of fabric for the top flap.
8. Cut a piece of VELCRO® the width of the top flap.
9. Peel the adhesive off and press it onto the top flap.

Glue approx 5" from the bottom and fold up. Apply VELCRO to top flap.

10. Peel off the other side of the adhesive, fold the flap over and press.
11. Allow the adhesive to set for about ten minutes, then pull the flap open.

That's it! This simple pattern has endless possibilities and can be personalized with felt flowers, poms (all the rage right now), rhinestones, whatever! If you don't want have a bunch of fabric lying around, though, you can always join us for more crafty shenanigans by visiting our current workshops. 

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