January: Year in Review and Resolutions

So basically I am a terrible blogger and never update. Luckily, we just started a new year so we have the chance to turn a new leaf! New year, new you, new blogs, all that jazz, right? In my defense, we have had a crazy busy year and are super excited to reminisce about it:

Let's see, first we kicked off the year with a feature in San Antonio Magazine, which we still aren't sure how we pulled that off! Then we joined our good friends over at Make San Antonio for a joint Valentine's Day event at Freetail Brewing. 

In March, we moved into our temporary shared home at The Workery. I made myself at home (maybe too much, sorry guys) and we began hosting more and more workshops, including our mini piñata and margarita class, Hit It or Quit It. (I still vividly remember one of our more "creative" participants proudly showing off their pink taco piñata.)  

In the Summer, we held one of our favorite events to date, the Get Hammered bottle opener workshop over at Alamo Beer Co.

In August we bid farewell to The Workery, and found a new home at Om Base and over 30 of our closest friends joined us to celebrate one year of making in San Antonio at our Craftiversary party. August is also when we were invited to appear on both SA Live and Great Day SA as a regular contributor, which I still cannot believe.

We ended the year by saying goodbye to our home at Om Base due to conflicting schedules, but have already begun planning some amazing pop ups for you, including the pop up parties we had at Rustic Grape and Brick at Blue Star in December.

So after all that we are back where we started, full freaking circle, but still going strong. Be on the lookout for some great things ahead. And speaking of great things ahead, here are our Crafthouse SA Resolutions for 2017:

  • Blog at least once a month, especially DIYs and tutorials to hold you over between pop up events
  • Branding, branding, branding! Be on the lookout for some contests and giveaways as we refine our logo and increase our marketing efforts
  • Get back on the social media train: It turns out taking a social media cleanse is great for the soul, but not so great for advertising. To find a happy balance, we will be posting more behind the scenes pics and videos, and post more content on Snapchat (you can find us on FB, IG and SC at @crafthousesa to follow along).
  • Support more local artists by expanding the online shop and (stretch goal) begin adding DIY kits to the website for those who aren't able to make a workshop.

Wish us luck!

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