July: Beaches Be Crazy

Amiright?? Between flesh eating bacteria and random shark attacks, our beloved Texas beaches seem all but an oasis this summer. But just because you may be having second thoughts about heading down to the Selena memorial this summer, doesn't mean you can't still add some sunny vibes to your abode. This month's crafty lineup is sure to bring out any beach bum's inner mermaid (or merman!).

Shark Week! String Art Class

July 14 - We are bringing back our popular string art class with a nautical flair. Hammer out some aggression on this thirsty Thursday with your choice of whale, shark or anchor themed designs.

Beach, please! Seashell Mosaic

July 16 - Darling, we know it's better down where it's wetter, but take it from us. Crafting with your girlies in an air conditioned class is the next best thing. This seashell mosaic class has all the whimsy. Ursula would hate it. 

To Dye For: Shibori Resist Dyeing

July 24 - Trust. Shibori dyeing is addictive. This ancient Japanese resist dyeing technique is like modern day tie-dye, but with a sophisticated indigo hue. Choose from 1 beach towel for those days laying out by the pool or a set of 2 to complete your set. Bring your own tea towels, white tees or even a scarf to try several different techniques.

And believe it or not, we are nearing our one year anniversary! To celebrate we are hosting a Destash Bash with all our greatest hits from our first year. If you haven't been to Crafthouse yet, this is your chance to see what we are all about! 

We hope to see you this month and until then, stop pinning and start making!




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