Running With Scissors: How To Throw A Watermelon Party

How to throw a watermelon party

The season of tubing and tanning at the pool has arrived and we rang in the start of summer the Crafthouse way. We decided it was time for the pineapple craze to move over and make way for…watermelon! To welcome the official fruit of the season we threw ourselves a watermelon block printing party.  Everything from décor to drinks was watermelon themed and it was the perfect way to say “hello summer”!


First things first. Obviously, it wouldn’t be a Crafthouse party without crafts. We informed our guests to bring their totes, shirts, tea towels and whatever else they could think of. When they arrived, they found that we had hand carved mini watermelons onto linoleum blocks to hand stamp their wares!

Watermelon block printing

Watermelon block printing

Watermelon block printing


We couldn’t have a watermelon party without actually consuming it, so we whipped up some watermelon mint margaritas, which we served in watermelon glasses on a watermelon serving tray (see tutorial below)! 

The watermelon seeds on the glasses were drawn with oil based sharpies. We then baked our glasses at 350 for 30 min to cure the paint.  Make sure to place the glasses in a cool oven before heating, then don’t remove until fully cooled back down. For the rind, we simply used a green clothesline wrapped around the glass and secured with a hot glue gun.

DIY Watermelon glasses

DIY Watermelon serving tray

Being Extra

So this is the moment where we went a little a crazy on the watermelon theme… like watermelon piñata crazy and we’re not ashamed of it. Some cardboard, masking tape, streamers, and mini tequila bottles with a dash of candy made this grown-up piñata the highlight of our party.

How to throw a summer watermelon party

After a few delicious cocktails, hilarious swings and good laughs with the pinata it was time to head home with our summer gear!

DIY How to throw a summer watermelon party

Watermelon Serving Tray Tutorial


Wood round (we got ours from Home Depot)

Door handles (also from the home improvement store)

Drill and screws

Acrylic paint (pink, green)

Black permanent market

Foam brushes

Spray acrylic sealant


  1. Measure approximately 1” from the edge of the circle and mark with a pencil. Continue marking 1” from edge all around the wood round. Carefully connect the dots to draw a circle with your pencil.
  2. Paint the inside of the circle pink, then paint the outer circle and the edges green.

DIY Watermelon serving tray

3. Allow paint to dry. Using the sharpie, begin making the seeds by drawing small tear drops from the middle outward.

DIY Watermelon serving tray

4. Spray the entire round with your sealant and allow to dry.

5. Using the drill, attached the door handles to either side of your wood round.

6. Begin serving drinks to your guests in style!

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