Running With Scissors: The Down Market 3rd Annual Doughnut Social

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Running with Scissors Art of Doughnut Social

This past Sunday we headed to The Roost Pub & Café for some amazing donuts/doughnuts. (Don’t ask us what the difference is.) The Down Market hosted their 3rd Annual Doughnut Social where Pastry Chef Chris Jara and The Roost Pub & Café teamed up to create the perfect donut and craft beer pairings. Who even knew such a thing existed?? The event even had some donut-themed art from local artists available for purchase in case you love donuts so much you want put a photo of them on the wall next to your kids’ bluebonnet pics.

Mmmm donuts....  

 The pairings began with a caramelized white chocolate old-fashioned donut topped with cherry compote followed by a refreshing blood orange brew from Karbach Brew Co. Karbach’s Radler is the perfect addition to anyone’s summer beer bucket list! Next up was a square brioche donut with rose hips, raspberry, and pistachio paired with a Belgian-style white ale by Community Beer Co. Last on the list was some classic chocolate goodness topped with strawberry, black pepper, and marshmallows paired with Buffalo Bayou Brewing’s 1836 Copper Ale.

You’d think with all this abundance of flavor my life was complete but then came the surprise - a freaking billionaire donut! This delicious beauty was a bourbon maple doughnut topped with gold covered bacon! Yes, I said gold covered bacon!!! After this donut I need all my breakfast bacon blinding me with gold. Imagine the possibilities. Who doesn’t want to start their a day feeling like a billionaire with a gold bacon and egg taco!

Billionaire Donut

We ended the event by walking off our donuts and beer at the outdoor art show where local artists showcased some donut-themed masterpieces. It was the perfect ending to our brunch and weekend!

  ~ Sasha


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