Something's Different About You

You may or may not have noticed that we are making some changes around here. Pour some out for our old logo as we are undertaking a branding refresh. 

RIP Old Logo


Why are you doing this to us? Why are we getting rid of our dear old friend who has been so good to you?

Excellent question. We love this logo because it is representative of our boot strap, DIY spirit. When we threw up our original Crafthouse website (hello, Wordpress), we needed a logo and we needed it fast. We loved the circle because it felt like a wineglass stain made out of glitter and we also loved the hot pink because it was fun and whimsical. We did not love the times new roman-ish font, which did not reflect the fun and ease and creativity we want our workshops to reflect. We also did not love how the pink and gold combo was hard on the eyes. We wanted something more freeform like us.

So what's up with the new logo? And did you drop the SA from your name too?

Settle down, we will get to all of that. We have always wanted Crafthouse to be a place to get together with others and learn something new in a fun and social environment. While the inspiration for Crafthouse and the social crafting experience came from my grandmother, we are not your mama's craft room. We wanted a modern and fresh font with a handwritten element to reflect the spirit of the Company and give it a more youthful facelift. We added a paint stroke because, um well, we like to paint here. And yes, we did change our name from Crafthouse SA to Crafthouse Studios. More on that to come ;)

While we are going through this transition, we ask that you bear with us. "We" are still just primarily a one-man operation so you may see our old logo here and there for a bit. We would love to hear what you think about it! 



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