Self Love Essential Oils Workshop

Self Love Essential Oils Workshop

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"Self Care is Not Selfish" 

A doTERRA Essential Oils Self Care Workshop   

 This delightful workshop is more than just making essential oil concoctions. The intention is to fall DEEPLY & MADLY IN LOVE with ourselves and learn how essential oils can assist in a healthier and more intentional lifestyle. 

Let's be honest....we are LAST on our lists. We make excuses. But let us rise and be stronger than our strongest excuse. We are enough....and we deserve our own love and care.

Crafthouse Studio will transform into a tranquil spa-like setting with doTERRA essential oils diffusing, soothing music playing and a few healthy and delicious treats to enjoy while we create.

We will open the workshop with a mini-meditation and breathing exercise. We will then transition into a short writing exercise to dive into our purpose and passion. Once the intention has been set the creating begins! 

Participants will learn to make a soothing bath salt, a restful night pillow mist and an "anti-stress"  calming roller bottle blend. These are all natural tools to use for a more calm and stress-less lifestyle. The workshop will end with another mini-meditation.

Date: Friday, May 31, 2019

Time: 6:30pm-8:30pm

Location: Crafthouse Studios, 3230 Hillcrest Drive, Suite 3, San Antonio, TX 78201


About the Instructor:

Stacie Orsagh is a native of  San Antonio, Texas and loves LOVE!  After 13 years in the service industry, five years in journalism and another 10 years owning and operating a sports photography company with her husband, she has finally found what she was put on this earth to do…..spread love! Her mission in life is to encourage, defend and re-awaken LOVE, in herself and others, especially women.  She does this by teaching self care through yoga and essential oils. Her daily affirmation is “Self love is not selfish” and has a desire to remind all women of this. Stacie, a wife of 19 years, mother of 2 young men, ages 24 and 15, and also an entrepreneur, truly believes that taking care of yourself FIRST will allow you to be more effective to serve those you care about. She has set out to create a movement, a Self Love Club, so to speak. Stacie has been practicing yoga for more than 13 years and teaching free community yoga and essential oils classes for four years. She is a doTERRA Wellness Advocate and has dedicated her time to teaching a “Back to Basic Wellness” approach by sharing, educating and offering natural solutions through essential oils, yoga, breathing and self love. She basically sells essential oils so she can continue teaching free yoga in the community. When not teaching self care practices, she dedicates her time getting out in nature, running at Woodlawn Lake, working on her book and spending time with her family. Although her children are her pride and joy, her favorite pastime is just BEING with her husband (who she still calls her boyfriend...heehee).