About Crafthouse Studios

You know all those projects you pinned to your When I Have Time board? Or all those girls’ nights out you keep telling your bestie you swear you’re going to go on?  Sure, you made that holiday themed veggie tray. Or maybe you made a couple tissue paper poms for your child’s birthday party. And hey perhaps you even hot glued a Halloween costume together. But did you do those things yourself or for yourself?  Whether you are making something for the home, handcrafting a gift for a friend, or just planning a girls' night, one thing’s for sure. You deserve some fun – and  wine.

Welcome to Crafthouse Studios: San Antonio's first social crafting experience. We give you the chance to be trendy. We give you the opportunity to make something to be proud of. And for y'all who just want an excuse to get out of the damn house already, we give you that too. Because while you’ve managed to piece together a few cute crafts here and there, this is about more than crafting. It’s about getting your groove back (just like Stella did in the 90s). This isn’t your mama’s craft room. This is Martha – with an edge. Where hot glue and glitter meets girls night out.  And if you learn your newest obsession while you're here, don't say we didn't warn you.
We are Crafthouse Studios and we’ve created the ultimate crafting adventure for you, whether Michael's is your mecca or just some guy you dated in college. We provide everything you need to handcraft a successful project. Just add wine.
What We Offer
Crafthouse is more than just unforgettable girls' nights (or date nights!) out. We also offer:
- Bridal and Baby Shower Parties
- Children's Parties
- Team Building Workshops
- Local Business Collaborations
Contact us today to make your next event one everyone will be talking about!
About Me
Oh hello there. My name is Victoria and I am a self-proclaimed connoisseur of all things hot glue and the creator of Crafthouse Studios. My grandma Lillie first introduced me to the joy of crafting when I was just a little girl, making traditional Mexican puebla dresses for my Cabbage Patch dolls and baby blankets sewn completely by hand. Bonding with my grandmother while crafting is a memory I will always treasure and I hope you experience that same feeling while attending our workshops. From cake decorating to sewing, I have a serious obsession with dabbling in a wide variety of crafts and I can't wait to share that passion with you through Crafthouse Studios.